Our Vision for a Tiny Homes Village

A viable solution to meet the insufficient long-term housing needs in Jacksonville, Florida for women survivors of sexual exploitation and addition.  

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Community Center

  • Expandable Footprint

  • Shared meals

  • Personal Development Training

  • Skills based training

  • General Meeting Rooms

  • Individual Counseling Room

  • Clustered two bed homes around common courtyards gives neighborhood concept inside the larger community feel.  This still allows for individual space and privacy needed for the healing journey without isolation.

  • Centralized services on-site to include meals, therapy, medical care.

  • Additional buildings for on-site store, garden center, social enterprise, training center.


- Healing Tides pilot completed

- Purchase land

- 2-4 tiny homes

- 1 full-time staff

- 6 residents

- 2 year program

- Social enterprise startup


- Communal space complete

- 8 tiny homes

- 2 full-time staff

- 20 residents

- 2 year program

- On-site service


- Expanded on-site services

-  8 tiny homes

- Dormitory living with

  town home style appeal

- 4 full-time staff

- 40-60 residents

- Equine therapy

Town Home Style Dormintory Living

  • 2 double Bedrooms

  • 2 Shared bathrooms

  • Common Living Space

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen

  • Units allowing 4 women to share common living space, while maintaining the advantages of community living.

  • Low cost per week.

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Our Residents Are Brave Survivors

Human sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. It is a booming industry in the United States, and it thrives because there is a serious demand for commercial sex with minors. Every day children, minors and young women are being bought and sold for sex. We have hope that our long-term program will help survivors.
Drugs, certain pharmaceuticals and alcohol are powerful substances. Struggling with addiction to them is not a sign of weakness, a character flaw, or a moral failure. It is a common condition that affects millions of people of all ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups. And while there is no one cause of addiction, there is hope that it can be treated effectively with long-term care in a safe living space that gives these survivors time to truly heal and transition back to a productive and healthy life. 
We encourage you to help us with our mission to provide a sanctuary, a place of refuge, healing and restoration to women seeking a life free from trafficking, prostitution and addiction.