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10/12/21 Why a Tea Party??


While tea has helped usher in economic and spiritual growth in its 3,500 year history, it has also been part of the oppression of women. It’s tied to the mission of Thistle Farms through the stories of the oldest forms of human trafficking, trading of opiates in China, and sexual violence in the fields of India.

But tea has a noble story too, as its rituals and symbolism are great companions for cultivating justice. Whether being dumped into a harbor, served by Gandhi as he negotiated freedom, or fundraising for the Women’s Suffrage Movement, tea has played a part in every revolution since the 1700s.

Tea creates an environment of rituals, offering dignity and creating dialogue. (Excerpt from The Way of Tea and Justice, by Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms)

We had our first Tea Party this past weekend to share our Vision & Mission of The Villages of Hope and to also bring Sexual Exploitation/Human Trafficking Awareness to our Community. It was an intimate circle of 21 women coming together to share time, awareness, hearts & tears, all while enjoying the tradition of Tea!

If you are interested in HOSTING a Tea Party with The Villages of Hope, Let's Chat! WE would love to share this beautiful experience with you!

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