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10/12/21 7 Ways YOU can make a difference

A Beautiful Opportunity Seven Ways You Can Make a Positive Difference to a Lady Seeking a Life Free From Sexual Exploitation and/or Human Trafficking in Jacksonville The value of all donations are tax deductible.

All proceeds will directly benefit the mission and efforts of The Villages of Hope.

For more details visit

1. Donate a product or service to be used as an auction item for their 11/13/2 fundraiser. ie. Art, credit card rewards or travel miles, gift cards, credit to be used to employ your services. 2. Attend their fundraiser on 11/13/21. Tickets only $50. 3. Become a monthly, annual or one-time donor. 4. Donate lumber, building supplies, or your time to help build the new Tiny Village Community that a lady will call her home for up to 2 years as part of the VOH program. Email Carla at: 5. Purchase a ticket to see the Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Francisco 49’s for only $30! 6. Purchase a handmade gift made by a 7. Pray for all those who are living in compromised conditions - especially the ones mentioned here. Pray for the many angels in human form dedicated to finding these ladies and helping them transition and heal. May there always be room in everyone’s life for Hope, Grace, and Happiness.

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