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The Villages
of Hope

A sanctuary and place of refuge for healing and restoration for women seeking a life free from substance abuse, trafficking, and sexual exploitation.


Every woman should have a safe place to live, to be connected with a community of care and be loved unconditionally.


Our mission is to provide a sanctuary, a place of refuge, healing and restoration to women seeking a life free from trafficking, prostitution and addiction.


Sponsoring Organizations

Our Approach

Trauma Informed Care

Survivor Led Solutions

Time and Space to Heal

Connections to Hope Logo

We help connect people with worthy causes, local charities, and giving opportunities. Let us help you find your passion and connect it with a purpose to change the world!

Connections to Hope is a non-profit organization.

Connections to Hope

Awakenings House Logo

Awakenings House is a women-only safe place for sober living. It provides hope and restoration to those who are transitioning from a life of substance abuse.  Awakenings House is a non-profit organization. 

Awakenings House

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Grace Ministries

of Helping Hands

A Christian-based program designed to help women get off the streets and into recovery so they can begin to rebuild their lives. Grace Ministries is a non-profit organization. 

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Learn . Volunteer . Donate

There are many ways in which you can help support our mission. Whatever your skill may be, we likely have a future need especially suited for you!



Experienced tiny home builders who are willing to donate time to lead build teams. 
Volunteer teams to help us build the tiny homes (corporate, community organizations, etc.)
Building supply donations.
Corporations to sponsor the building of the ”Leave a Tiny Home Legacy” program.
Click on the below image to learn more on how you or your company can contribute to the Villages of Hope tiny home sanctuary where the women in our program will call home.
Volunteers on Construction Site

Donations are always appreciated. 100% of your donation will go toward our mission of providing a safe, nurturing, and healthy environment where women can rest, recover, and heal during their journey to self-empowerment and independence. 

If you would like to stay informed of our progress, successes, opportunities to volunteer or just wish to be part of the loving Villages of Hope extended family, please complete the below form. 

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The Villages of Hope

Jacksonville, Florida

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