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Resources listed below are for your use for educational purposes, local assistance and general knowledge.  Being listed on this page does not imply an endorsement of the organization, only a desire to share many of the other organization in the common fight against human trafficking and supporting the women who are seeking a new life.


Polaris Project

Shared Hope International

Founded in 2002, Polaris is named for the North Star, which people held in slavery in the United States used as a guide to navigate their way to freedom. Polaris Project runs the national human trafficking hotline and offers excellent training material

Shared Hope’s Faith Initiative engages individuals nationwide who are seeking a Biblical perspective to fight against sex trafficking. They educate, inspire and equip you, not only to know what it looks like in the US, but to be empowered to fight against it. Their  goal is to give you the tools you need to protect children in your church and community.

Local Resources

Awakening House

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